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In the AMA session of Ashward x Crypto Eagles on 25th February 2022, Ashward had gained massive success, both in identity and spreading the information about our project.

Mr.Andy Phi, Ashward’s CEO, the representative of our AMA, shared a lot of useful information about the project as well as the route, roadmap, and upcoming plans.

The AMA session is divided into 2 parts:

Part 1: Introduction & overview of the Ashward project

Part 2: Answer Twitter questions

Part 1: Introduction & overview of the Ashward project

  1. Now please tell us about your project “ASHWARD” What were the initial thoughts and motives behind this project?

Ashward is a virtual world in which players may own and monetize their gaming experiences on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network with ASC, the platform’s utility token. Players will be able to explore the fantasy medieval world, assemble the bravest warriors to confront hostile bosses, and engage in fierce combat with other players.

We want to make words like blockchain and NFT more approachable to the general audience.

Before launching this project, my team and I spent a long time researching blockchain in general and Game NFT in particular. I was involved in a few blockchain projects. And, with my experience and understanding of the blockchain and the gaming business, I intend to produce more high-quality game projects in the future, and I am currently investing all of my energy into this project. With the spirit fueled by blockchain, Ashward strives to bring NFT Gaming closer to the public, for everyone and everywhere. We intend to use Ashward as a starting point for developing our metaverse.

We begin the project in December 2021, approximately half a year away, and there are numerous tasks ahead of us.

2. Please tell us more about the attributes and characters of your heroes? Do you have 3 categories of heroes and how are they different from each other in battles?

Ashward heroes are divided into 3 classes. Each class has distinct characteristics and abilities. In addition, when heroes are appropriately joined, they have special auras. Thus, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of heroes to construct a tactical team is critical to fighting victory. There are three types of heroes: Melee, Ranged, and Mage.

There are 6 different attributes: Damage, Armor, Attack speed, Critical hit, Damage per second, Mana

Damage: the number of health points deducted from an entity’s current health. It can be inflicted by a variety of entities, including adversaries and NPCs. Damage is determined using numerous criteria, including an entity’s armor. Auras frequently only affect one class type at a time.

Armor: is the number of damage absorbed from incoming damage in place of the character’s HP.

Hitpoints (HP): is a stat that determines the maximum amount of damage that an entity can take before dying. It is represented in a form of a green bar in the HUD.

Attack speed: relates to how quickly a hero can attack. The use time of an attack determines its speed. This is the amount of time it takes for a strike to occur. As a result, as use time increases, so does attack speed and vice versa. A hero with a use time of 3 will, for example, have a slower attack speed than a hero with a use time of 1.

Critical hit: occurs randomly when striking enemies. By default, each successful hit on an enemy has a 4% chance of being a “critical hit”, inflicting double the usual damage of a hero’s. A small number of heroes have a base critical hit chance that is higher than the default 4%. The critical hit chance will increase as a hero levels up. In addition, a certain hero’s aura can boost the critical strike chance of the whole team.

Damage per second (DPS): the pace at which a hero may inflict damage in a second. Damage and Attack Speed determine DPS, which is not an in-game statistic.

Mana: is a resource consumed by a hero when participating in a battle. It is used up in a per-battle manner. When a hero’s mana is depleted completely, it can no longer participate in a game and must be recharged. Players will manually perform this action and pay a small fee.

This is a special attribute of a hero since it does not affect the ability to win or lose a hero. Instead, it only determines how many times a hero can play before switching to the idle state

3. Please share the complete Tokenomics of your fungible token with its distribution and use cases?

The ASC coin has a fixed quantity of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens and is expected to be released on March 1st, 2022.

ASC is a critical component of The Ashward platform. It is a BEP-20 utility token developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that serves as the foundation for Ashward transactions and has the following functions:

Access to Ashward platform: Players spend ASC to play games and other in-game activities — and might potentially accumulate ASC through playtime. ASC is spent by players to acquire or lend assets, such as ARENA, and through Staking. Users will also be paid a fee when they offer their products for sale on the marketplace. In the future, more ARENA functions will be implemented.

Staking: ASC allows for staking, and staking earns you additional ASC.

Token distribution: Ecosystem growth 40%, Operation & Development 35%, Community activities 15%, Marketing 10%

The advisor team will earn 1%, and the advisors have agreed that they will not be able to unlock any tokens during T.G.E. When IDO opens, the project will attract more investors. Investors who participate in the whitelist round will receive 1% of the total supply. The team will earn 12%, the ecosystem fund 12%, and the marketing team 12%. The “PLAY TO EARN” pool receives 30% of the total supply. Liquidity accounts for 8.5 percent of the total, staking accounts for 15%, and the reserve pool accounts for 8%. I believe that openly allocating tokens to each array in this manner will help people put their trust in our project. We also have some exciting news for ASC holders. Token holders in early buying rounds are all long-term shareholders of the company and will receive 20% of the firm’s profit. Investors can use BSC Scan to determine whether the tokens in these wallets are transparent.

4. What are your aims in the next 2 years according to your roadmap? What if I ask you what is the ultimate goal of ASHWARD?

Aims in next 2 years:

Ashward has a well-defined long-term strategy. Each milestone shows the progress of the project and the goal that we hope to attain.

In Q1 2022, Ashward will have some significant milestones, including game listing and our very first game test net version. The team is working against the clock to improve product quality to provide our gamers — Ashwardians — with the most enjoyable game experience possible. This is a commitment to the Ashward communities since we have received so much support from them, which we truly appreciate. Meanwhile, the team is constantly collaborating with global partners, and further partnership announcements will be made soon.

We’re getting ready for the IDO Round. This, I hope, will be wonderful news for Ashwardians and Ashward investors alike….

The Ashward IDO round is scheduled to take place in early March 2022. It will take off from a succession of launchpads. We will complete the arrangement with them and sign the paperwork at this time.

The ultimate goal of Ashward:

Our goal is to provide a profoundly immersive universe in which users will become virtual world explorers and conquerors, playing jointly and without a central authority. We provide artists with actual ownership of their creations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and reward their involvement in the form of our utility token, ASC.

Decentralized ownership and management of user-generated content limits creator rights and ownership in today’s gaming business. The lack of central authority over the selling of virtual goods made by players prevents them from charging a fair price for their creations. With Ashward, we hope to remove these constraints while also driving blockchain adoption to expand the blockchain gaming sector. We will accomplish this by developing a comprehensive gaming platform that allows creators to play, share, collect, and trade without centralized control, while also having safe copyright ownership and the chance to profit.

Part 2: Answer Twitter questions

There are a lot of questions at the Twitter post, but we could only choose five of the best to ask Mr. Andy Phi.

  1. In the modern gaming NFT era, why have you chosen to give a nostalgic effect to your game? How it will attract your investors?

Investors will look for many aspects of a product to make their decision. If players love this pixelated style, then investors will sure do

2. As you are offering 6 game modes to play, which is best to earn? How they are different from each other?

There are 6 game modes, each mode will have distinct features and provide gamers with 6 ways to enjoy Ashward.

Casual: Players can pick any map available in the game and adjust the stats as want

Adventure: Players will follow a series of pre-defined maps

Battle Royale: Fights will take place in Arena, players will join a game together to fight until there’s one survivor left. That will be the winner of the game

Raid: Clan

Competitive: is a mode of matchmaking. Players can advance in rank based on their performance and the outcome of the match. As a result, poor match performance can cause players to lose their rank level. Players who leave a Competitive match in the middle of it incur a Matchmaking cooldown punishment, which stops them from playing Matchmaking for a set period. This timer is increased with each subsequent offense. Players form a team of four heroes and compete in the Arena.

Kingdom Guardian: In this mode, players will dispatch heroes to the borderlands to defend their kingdom or an ally’s kingdom. When duty calls, our heroes answer the call! Players will be able to send each hero to any of the available locations. Simply choose a hero and a location for them to begin cultivating. There is no need to take any additional action. The mana of a hero determines the amount of time and awards it receives. Because this is a source of passive income, this mode assists players in maximizing ROI.

3. On your website, it is mentioned that Heroes are divided into 3 classes based on their skills and attributes including Melee, Ranged, and Mage. Can you tell me about specific types of attributes or abilities which make them different from each other???

Heroes are divided into 3 classes: Melee, Ranged, Mage.

The level range will be from 1 to 50, which will provide different XP levels.

The melee class is powerful, with high armor and damage as well as good crowd control. It is equipped with a close-range weapon. Melee heroes have a short attack range.

Rangers can attack from a distance. They had weapons like bows and guns, as well as thrown things.

Mages are fragile but have a wide range of attack styles, frequently employing special mechanics.

Each class will have its own set of characteristics, and we promise that none of our players will be let down by them.

4. As mentioned on your website that @ashward_game is a p2e game in which players receive rewards by protecting lands. My question is that are there any daily or weekly login rewards too? If true then, can they be used for in-game currency and real-life currency?

“The protecting land mode you mentioned is the Kingdom Guardian mode, which is a sort of farming mechanism, earn token passively

Quests will soon be added to the game after launching, there will be 3 types: daily, weekly and special. Players will be rewarded upon logging in daily with a small amount of token

Rewards are in ASC token, and as u know, it’s the only currency in the game, we will provide more details about the early withdrawal tax as well as describe the flow for u by updating the light paper soon.”

5. Heroes are divided into 3 classes based on their skills and attributes including Melee, Ranged, and Mage. Will these be the only Heroes on the game or are there plans to release more Heroes? Can players upgrade their Heroes to increase their win rate?

These are 3 initial classes, we will add more if the need arises. We are trying our best to keep the game balanced and fun

Heroes will be added to the game continuously. After the development reaches a stable condition, we aim to release 4 heroes every month.





Ashward Game

An NFT game that ultilizes the play-to-earn model with medieval setting and pixel graphics.